Directions to Our Office

For those familiar with Portland, we are in the Old Port, in Canal Plaza on the corner of Middle Street and Union Street, across the street from the Nickelodeon Cinema and the statue of the lobsterman. Our building (Four Canal Plaza) is between the Fidelity offices and Urban Outfitters and our name is on a brass sign near the door that faces Canal Plaza.

For those less familiar with Portland, the directions below will bring you right to our door. If you need assistance, please call the office. Whoever answers the phone will be happy to assist you.

Take Exit 7 (Franklin Arterial/Street) off I-295.

Go straight up Franklin Street.

At the fourth set of traffic lights, turn right onto Congress Street.

At the second set of lights take a left onto Temple Street. Turn left to enter the Temple Street Parking Garage. On foot, exit the parking garage through the front entrance (the one you used to enter the garage) and turn left. Cross Middle Street at the traffic light, in the direction of Camden National Bank. Once you have crossed Middle Street, turn left and walk toward the Fidelity Investments sign. We are located at Four Canal Plaza with an entrance between Fidelity and Urban Outfitters. Take the elevator to the fourth floor.

If the Temple Street Garage is full, continue ahead on Temple Street and take your first left onto Middle Street. Then take the first right onto Exchange Street. Follow Exchange Street down to the stop sign and take a right onto Fore Street and, almost immediately, another right into the Fore Street Garage, which is behind One Canal Plaza (KeyBank Building). Exit from the back of the garage (you will be in a small parking lot for KeyBank employees). Take the stairs up to the plaza level, or if you are unable to use stairs comfortably, enter the One Canal Plaza building. Follow the corridor to the end and turn right. There are elevators which you can take one flight up to the plaza level. When you arrive at the Plaza level (whether from the stairs or upon exiting the KeyBank building through its front doors), walk toward the Fidelity Investments sign to the far right, turn right at that corner, and you will be facing the entrance to our building, Four Canal Plaza.