What We Do

LeBlanc & Young is a specialty law firm based in Portland, Maine with great depth of experience in estate planning, estate and trust administration, and related areas of law.

Please read about our practice areas in greater depth:

Estate Planning »

Our attorneys are committed to working closely with individuals and families to tailor estate planning documents to their unique circumstances. We carefully review family and financial circumstances, tax status, and other concerns to develop and implement strategies that achieve clients’ personal objectives and minimize tax exposure when needed. We serve a wide range of clients, from those with large or complex estates to families with more modest holdings. In addition to our Maine resident clients, we help others who have Maine related estate planning needs.

Family Holding Entities and Real Estate »

Our attorneys provide strategies and solutions for our clients to preserve and pass on legacy family real property, family businesses and other unique assets.

Probate Proceedings & Alternative Resolutions »

We have an active practice in the probate court. In addition to routinely representing clients in the estate and trust administration context, we also represent clients in conservator ships, guardianships, and other proceedings. We are conversant with alternative approaches that may not involve probate court action, including nonjudicial settlement agreements, decanting, and negotiated and mediated solutions.

Estate & Trust Administration »

The depth of experience of our attorneys and staff allows us to guide family members through the trust and estate administration process with compassion and expertise. We strive to administer estates and trusts efficiently and cost effectively, most often representing Personal Representatives and Trustees who want to ensure that the beneficiaries understand the process and what it means for them. We are well equipped to handle all aspects of estate and trust administration, including the preparation of all associated specialty tax returns.

Adoption »

We represent families through the adoption and surrogacy process. We advise both birth parents and adoptive parents about the adoption process, as well as surrogates, gestational carriers, and intended parents in surrogacy arrangements. We assist in Maine related, multi-jurisdictional, and international adoptions.

Premarital & Postnuptial Agreements »

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating and advising clients about premarital and postnuptial agreements.