Probate Court Proceedings

We have an active practice in the probate court, representing clients involved in formal probate court proceedings.

We assist heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, and trustees in connection with estate, trust and probate matters beyond the routine administration of estates and trusts. We negotiate and draft nonjudicial settlement agreements, and handle court proceedings concerning trusts, such as trust reformations, trustee successions, early trust terminations, and the interpretation of trusts.

We also assist heirs, beneficiaries, fiduciaries and creditors in connection with court proceedings involving decedent’s estates, such as elective share proceedings, the interpretation of wills, the determination of heirs and devisees, and other formal estate administration proceedings.

We do not undertake matters of contentious litigation unless we feel it is well suited to our limited practice areas, and may choose to bring in co-counsel with litigation expertise if we think it would better serve our client’s interests.