Charitable Planning

Many estate planning goals and projects include an element of charitable giving.

That giving might range from including simple charitable bequests in a will or trust, to the establishment of a donor advised fund, the formation of charitable organizations that might include private foundations or public charities, the creation and funding of split interest charitable trusts such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts, or planning for conservation easements.

We work closely with our client and her or his family and other professional advisors when appropriate to make certain that the goals are identified and the planning is implemented to achieve the desired result in a way that maximizes the tax benefits available.

We can assist in the ongoing administration of split interest trusts, charitable foundations, and other charitable organizations, as well as help identify the assets best suited to fund the charitable plan.

We can help establish tax exempt status for an organization and provide guidance to a board while it navigates through both the early stages of policy choices and operation as well as ongoing issues relevant to the decision making of a charitable board.